Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this product line stand out?

AllGlamR is unique because the whole line is rich in vitamins A C D E and F and other elements found in nature. Each product helps influence collagen growth, stimulates the healthy regeneration of skin cells, and most important, helps skin retain water!

What makes it different and better than competitors?

AllGlamR does what competitors promise, and does it in fewer steps; cleanser, serum and lip treatment. Our products penetrate through the epidermis, while most products just sit in layers on top of the skin. Starting with step 1, our Rose Petal Cleanser brings skin to its natural Ph balance, stimulates collagen growth and protects against free radicals and leaves skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed not dry, thirsty or irritated. Our broad spectrum SPF 30 is also enriched with antioxidants and natural oils to compensate for lost moisture. The sheer tint smooths and blends with skin tones for a natural, even glow while protecting from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

What makes it the best?

The key to restoring and maintaining luminous skin is water retention! Our products are proven to show improvements on all ages and skin types from acneic to dry to unhealthy, to youthful and mature skin. "It's never too soon and it's never too late for healthy, hydrated skin."

Do you have any celebrities using AllGlamR? Is this something you've considered?

Yes! We have begun reaching out to local influencers and look forward to sharing our products with celebrities. We know once they try AllGlamR, they'll love it.

Have you the testimonials you could share?

Here is one:

"AllGlamR has saved my skin! I have always had acne and scarring from years of bumps and picking at my face. It has been about three months of me using AllGlamR and my skin is completely clear. I have a very sensitive face and break out to everything. This is the first face product I have used that hasn't caused a reaction and made my face look 100% better. Thanks to AllGlamR, my skin all around looks better and I feel better and more confident without wearing makeup."

Have you done any studies on AllGlamR as an anti-aging collection?

Yes! Our products have been tested on a wide range of ages, skin types and ethnicities. Fine lines are reduced. Firmness and elasticity are increased. In the case of more youthful skin, AllGlamR helps maintain the buoyancy necessary to prevent fine lines from forming.